Terms and Conditions for Air Conditioner Installation

Installation services are provided at a set price based on the choice made during the purchase process.
With each air conditioner, 4 meters of copper tubing is provided for free.
A free ground stand is included.
In the case of a wall stand being needed, its cost is 50 SAR.
Installation does not include the following: dismantling and installing an old air conditioner, electrical extensions, civil works, or water drainage.
Please retain the original invoice for the air conditioner installation.
After installation, the device is under the warranty of the dealer, who is responsible for all maintenance and repair work during the warranty period.
There is a 3-month warranty on the installation for air conditioners associated with dealers.
The customer is kindly requested to prepare the installation site to facilitate the installation process (civil works, decoration, plumbing, air conditioning water drainage…) and provide suitable electricity.

Air Conditioner Installation Service:

The installation warranty for air conditioners is 3 months from the date of installation.
Each air conditioner installation includes one hole plus the copper provided by the authorized dealer for the device, with the price per meter varying by air conditioner type.
Prices per meter:
12 and 18 units are 50 SAR per meter
24 units are 60 SAR per meter
36 units are 70 SAR per meter
Cassette and floor-standing units are 70 SAR per meter
If chairs or rubber pads are not requested from the showroom during the purchase process, the customer must pay their value to the installation technician.
Electricity must be available at the site where the air conditioner is to be installed. If the site requires plumbing or electrical work, the customer must prepare the site.
If there is a concrete wall, the customer is responsible for drilling it, and if there is an old air conditioner at the installation site, the customer bears the cost of dismantling the old air conditioner.
The height of the external unit stand should not exceed 3 meters from the ground. If the installation site does not comply with safety conditions, the customer will be informed, and the installation will proceed under the customer’s responsibility if they wish to proceed, provided the customer signs a responsibility waiver form.
If the site requires a crane to lift the external units to the roof, the customer is responsible for moving them to the roof.
For window air conditioner installation, the window space must be completely clear and include the internal wooden frame. The height of the opening for installation should not exceed 2 meters from the ground. If the opening is higher than mentioned, the company is not responsible for the installation.
Electricity must be directly available next to the opening.