Maintenance policy

Service Definition:
The company always ensures to offer the best post-sale services to its customers, including maintenance, spare parts provision, and quality assurance of manufacturing in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as follows:

Maintenance requests are made through the unified number 8001180005.
Commitment to a two-year manufacturing quality guarantee for the product, except for accessories and attachments specified in the maintenance schedule.
Repair time is a maximum of 7 days from the date of the maintenance request, not including the time required to provide the needed spare parts.
Provision of rare spare parts within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of the part request.
A 60-day repair warranty for out-of-warranty customers from the date of repair.
General Terms:

The warranty period starts from the purchase date shown on the invoice. To benefit from after-sales services, the customer must use the original invoice provided by the showroom.
The fee for a maintenance technician’s visit depends on the type and size of the product and the type of maintenance, whether home or in-house, and inquiries should be directed to the customer service center.
The consumer must collect the device within a maximum period of 15 days from the repair date; otherwise, the maintenance center is not responsible for the device and may dispose of it.
The consumer must sign the repair order when requesting necessary maintenance, and the maintenance center has the right to refuse to hand over the device if the consumer refuses to sign.
In the case of a home visit, the customer must ensure safe access to the device to be maintained, in accordance with security and peace measures.
The consumer must agree to the maintenance fees and pay them in advance.
The consumer must test the device before leaving the maintenance center.
General Exclusions Not Covered by the Warranty:

Defects or malfunctions resulting from consumer misuse, non-compliance with instructions, neglect, accidents, vandalism, fire, or maintenance not conforming to the product recommendations.
The company reserves the right to make final decisions regarding problem identification and the appropriate service option.
The warranty does not cover accessories. For more details, please refer to the warranty booklet provided with the device and review the accessories schedule.
The serial number on the product may have been altered, erased, removed, or become unreadable.
Repairs or attempted repairs by entities other than the Spring and Summer service center.
Products Eligible for Home Maintenance:

Refrigerators of 7 cubic feet and above.
All types of automatic washing machines.
All types of dishwashers.
Twin-tub washing machines above 12 kg.
65 – 75 inch screens.
Maintenance at the Center (the product is directed to the maintenance center):

Small refrigerators less than 7 cubic feet.

Water coolers of all sizes.

All small items that can be carried by hand.

Twin-tub washing machines less than 12 kg.

Screens of 55 inches and below.

Small microwave and electric ovens that can be carried to the maintenance center.
Remote Control Warranty:
If the customer cannot use the product due to a faulty remote within the warranty period, the customer must bring the remote to the maintenance center for inspection and necessary action, either repair or replacement, provided there is no misuse.

(If the customer wishes for us to collect small items, there will be a fee of 150 SAR not including tax).