Return & Exchange Policy

Dear customers, in order to serve you better, you must abide by the following items:

1- Attach the original purchase invoice.

2- The product is to be retrieved in its original condition, without any use, and in its own packaging,
with all the accessories and the instruction manual attached to the product.

3- Products that have scratches or were damaged due to misuse or a malfunction due to the use of a
mismatched voltage will not be returned or replaced.

4- In case the product is returned due to a technical defect, manufacturer defect, or incorrect delivery,
no additional shipping fees or bank transfer fees will be calculated.

5- If the product is returned from the customer other than mentioned in the fourth item or because the
customer’s desire has changed in general, other additional fees will be charged.

6- Returns shall be made within 3 days from the date of purchase, with the necessity to observe the
terms and conditions mentioned in the purchase invoice.

7- From the principle of adherence to hygiene and public health laws, it is not permitted to replace or
restore personal care devices or health and beauty products.

8- It may be requested to write a report to know the status of the product through the maintenance
agent before replacing the product.

9- Refunds are made according to the conditions of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, so that the
information of the client (the beneficiary) must be matched when registered with us with the customer's
bank account information (quad name, ID number or residence card, bank name and bank account
number (IBAN) )) In order to avoid any delay or rejection.