Candy Dishwasher – 12 Programs – 16 Place – White – CDP3T623DFW

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Candy Dishwasher: Superior Cleaning and Smart Features in One!

Are you looking for a dishwasher that provides you with impeccable cleaning results and the convenience of smart operation? Look no further than the Candy Dishwasher, which boasts a range of exceptional features:

Candy Dishwasher Highlights:

Large Capacity: This dishwasher can accommodate up to 16 place settings, making it ideal for large families.

12 Wash Programs: Offering a diverse selection of programs to suit all your cleaning needs, including Intensive + Hygienic 75°C for thorough sterilization, Universal 60-70°C for everyday use, Daily 55°C for regular dishes, Strong and Fast 65°C for heavily soiled items, Ultra Silent 55°C for quiet operation, Delicate 45°C for gentle care, Eco 45°C for energy-efficient cleaning, Ultra Rapid 65-50°C for quick washes, and Refresh + Smart Fi – WIFI for refreshing stored dishes and cutlery.

Smart Wi-Fi Control: Enjoy remote control and operation using your smartphone app, monitor wash cycles, and receive notifications. (Ensure app compatibility with your phone’s operating system.)

Ultra-Quiet Operation: Designed for exceptionally quiet operation, this dishwasher maintains a peaceful kitchen environment.

High-Quality Italian Craftsmanship: Experience the durability and long-lasting performance of Candy’s Italian-made dishwasher.

Diverse Wash Programs:

Intensive + Hygienic 75°C: Ideal for utensils and dishes requiring intense sanitization and sterilization with hot water.

Universal 60-70°C: A versatile program for moderately soiled dishes and utensils.

Daily 55°C: A daily cycle for regularly used dishes and utensils.

Strong and Fast 65°C: A rapid cycle for powerful cleaning of heavily soiled dishes.

Ultra Silent 55°C: A quiet program for cleaning lightly soiled dishes while maintaining a serene kitchen ambiance.

Delicate 45°C: A dedicated cycle for delicate dishes and utensils requiring special care.

Eco 45°C: An energy-saving program that conserves power and water while maintaining cleaning effectiveness.

Ultra Rapid 65-50°C: An ultra-fast cycle for dishes that need quick washing.

Refresh + Smart Fi – WIFI: A refresh cycle for stored dishes and cutlery with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is the Candy Dishwasher Right for You?

If you seek a dishwasher with ample capacity and impeccable cleaning performance.

If you desire a variety of wash programs to accommodate all types of dishes.

If you value the convenience of remote control using your smartphone.

If you prioritize a quiet and high-quality appliance.

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